Hawkins Internet, Inc. takes a stake in Netflix, Cabot Microelectronics

Hawkins Internet, Inc. has made an investment in Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX) and Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:CCMP).

Netflix’s stock features a relatively high earnings per share (EPS), extremely low levels of debt, and is the #1 DVD and movie streaming service in North America, despite pressure from Apple, Amazon.com, and Google. The company has aggressive plans to expand internationally.

Netflix, Inc. (Netflix) is an Internet subscription service streaming television shows and movies. The Company’s subscribers can watch unlimited television shows and movies streamed over the Internet to their televisions, computers and mobile devices and in the United States, subscribers can also receive digital versatile discs (DVDs) delivered to their homes. The Company is organized into two operating segments: United States and International. The Company obtains content from various studios and other content providers through fixed-fee licenses, revenue sharing agreements and direct purchases. The Company markets its service through various channels, including online advertising, broad-based media, such as television and radio, as well as various partnerships. In September 2010, the Company began international operations by offering an unlimited streaming plan without DVDs in Canada.

The company has also taken a stake in Cabot Microelectronics, which has a high earnings per share (EPS) and is issuing a special dividend in the first quarter of 2012.

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (Cabot Microelectronics Corp) is a supplier of polishing slurries and a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad supplier used in the manufacture of advanced integrated circuit (IC) devices within the semiconductor industry, in a process called CMP. CMP is a polishing process used by IC device manufacturers to planarize or flatten many of the multiple layers of material that are deposited upon silicon wafers in the production of advanced ICs. The Company develops, produces and sells CMP slurries for polishing many of the conducting and insulating materials used in IC devices, and also for polishing the disk substrates and magnetic heads used in hard disk drives. It also develops, manufactures and sells CMP polishing pads, which are used in conjunction with slurries in the CMP process.

Hawkins Internet, Inc, under direction of CEO Timothy Hawkins, is utilizing available cash to invest in a variety of technology related businesses.

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